Targa West

Since 2020 the team has been competing in the tarmac rally events of Targa West.

What is a tarmac rally?

A Tarmac Rally is a unique form of motorsport where Tarmac Rally Cars compete on roads closed for competition. Cars start at 30 second intervals and race against the clock with the winner being the car that is fastest over all stages. Cars are grouped into classes and there are categories for full Competition, Targa 130, Targa 165 and even an Electric Vehicle category.

There is a wide variety of cars competing including Classics like Ford Escorts and Mustangs, Toranas and Commodores to more modern turbocharged Mitsubishi Evos, Subaru WRXs and Nissan GTRs and even a range of Electric Vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 Performance.  And what event would be complete without an exotic or two. What about a Ferrari 488 Spider or Porsche GT3 RS?

Targa West

Green Theme has competed in the 130 and 160 classes and in 2022 will be taking on the Open category. The team will be competing in all Targa events.

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