About Us


Determined to disprove the myth that electric cars were slow, the TOCEVA Racing Team worked to make a Tesla Model 3 Performance compliant with the requirement to compete in the tarmac rally events of Targa West.

Named Green Theme, the Model 3 is the only caged and log booked production EV in the Southern Hemisphere.

In 2020 they proved they could compete with the internal combustion cars and achieved a win in the 130 Category.

This was continued in 2021 when the team took the next challenge and stepped up a level to win the 165 Category.

In 2022 they will to take on the Open Category where cars are limited to top speeds of 200km/hour. But their ambitions don’t stop there, they also include bigger and more prestigious rallies including the Adelaide Rally  and the 5700km Perth to Sydney Marathon 


The journey to conquer tarmac rally events forced the TOCEVA Racing Team to think outside the box and develop new mobile fast EV charging systems. Having progressed through 7kW, 22kW, 40kW and 50kW systems they are now building and operating 75kW charging units. They will also be putting a battery buffered system to the test.

The best part? Rather than being fuelled by environmentally hazadrous diesel, these generators are fuelled with waste fryer oil allowing the Green Theme rally car to be the only carbon neutral vehicle entered into the rally events.

Not only will this carbon neutral charger fuel the Green Theme rally car, it has also led to the development of Bi0fil charges which will provide EV fast charging solution for roadhouses in remote areas.  These Bi0fil chargers will play a major part in future longer cross country rallies.

None of this would have been possible without the generous help of sponsors. If you are interested in road rally competition, EV fast charging, or becoming a sponsor please Contact Us.